About us

Innovation, simplicity y sustainability, for a better world

Lemu is a company that firmly believes that it is possible to build a better world, following the philosophy of B Companies.  It promotes the creation of eco-lodges aimed at experiential travel, a real immersion in the local culture and its environment.  To do so Lemu Lodge associates with members of the local communities under the BOT concept (build, operate and transfer).  The aim is to be able to replicate these ecolodges in sites of high cultural, natural and historic value.

The eco-lodges built under Lemu’s Model must necessarily be under local ownership, where the local entrepreneur works with our technical staff in the design, search for funding, building, start up, and operation, being the eco-lodge transferred to the local owner after a given period.

The concept that Lemu promotes in their tourism operations is distinctive and integral. We aimed at incorporating the three pillars of sustainable development in our tourism concept, i.e. social, environmental and economic aspects.

From the environmental point of view, our goal is to have a low environmental footprint, implementing a sustainability strategy that seeks to address each stage of their life cycle, including construction, implementation, operation, decommissioning and closure.  To do so we have a Sustainable Management Plan, which is constantly updated and improved, and that addresses the efficient use of resources such as water, energy and waste management.  The use of green technologies is also at the center of our operations, including technologies such as collecting rain water, using biomass boilers, wetlands for water treatment, use of solar energy, biogas generation, generation of humus from organic waste, among others.

The structure of our suites are unique in design and the style of construction, designed to provide a high standard of comfort and sophistication, without losing the connection with the natural world.

These structures have a wooden framework, with walls made of highly tensed fabric (tensile structure), all materials that can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. The walls have a thick layer of insulation, thereby reducing the demand for energy for either heating or cooling. The tensile structure can be fully dismantled, allowing transport and deployment in remote locations together with a low impact on transportation.  If necessary, the structures can be dismantled and removed from the place, with minimal environmental impact.

From a social and economic perspective, we have programs and collaborative relationship with the local community, seeking to return value to the land that welcomes us.  And the most importante aspect, each lodge is in the hands of local ownership, a member of the local community, who receives the support of our staff for building and operation.  Visit Lemu Lodge Caburgua Lodge and Lemu Lodge Vaihu and discover a new experience in tourism!