Lemu Lodge Activities - Caburgua

In the area of Pucón it is possible to enjoy dozens of activities for all tastes and ages, from walking through National parks, to rafting, kayaking, horseback riding o biking, hiking the volcano, crossing to Argentina, visiting traditional Mapuche areas, skiiing in the winter, and much more. In the center of Pucón exists a dozen of adventure  travel agencies where you can book these experiences directly. Our staff will be happy to help you and guide you on what to do in the area and where to book.

If you prefer, we can also design a specific package for you with all inclusive, which means that you can leave your wallet behind and enjoy of the services of the restaurant and spa, in combination with great activities and all the benefits of our luxury accommodations.

Among the activities that we regularly organize are: trekking in the lodge area, walks for watching of local flora and fauna, photography excursions, hot stone massages, hot tubs, various therapies, healthy food, learning about traditional Mapuche medicinal plants, tango lessons (we are close to the border with Argentina), and many others.