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Lemu Lodge Tours & Activities - Rapa Nui

Lemu Lodge Vaihu gives you the option to plan your entire stay to get the most out of your visit. We propose four tours alternatives of which to choose depending on your interests, time available, travel intention, physical condition and age. Our staff will be happy to provide more information, All the guides we work with are local Rapanui professionals.

We search for excellence in our activities, and arrange the tours to avoid crowds and above all ensure that our guests have a unique and unforgettable experience, diving into the Rapa Nui culture, history, traditions and nature.


Apart from the exclusive tours that we offer, we warmly recommend you to take a walk on the sea shore in front of our lodge, enjoy breakfast outdoors on the patio or take a bath in the natural pools formed along the coast. Besides that you can also learn the traditional way of fishing with our staff, go horseback riding with our local host Heu or take a diving or snorkeling tour to discover the other great wonder of the island, the underwater world. Indeed, Rapa Nui has waters with some of the greatest transparencies on the planet, with a visibility that can reach till 60 meters.

Being out in one of the world’s most isolated and enigmatic places, you’ll be able to fully relax, restore and reconnect. We also invite you to enjoy our wellness services such as a therapeutic body massage, a calming holistic energy treatment or a private yoga and meditation class while listening to the soothing sounds of nature.

For general enquiries and more information please write to

Te Moai – The Path of Moai

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Discover the famous Moai statues, monument stone carvings, ceremonial altars, the quarry and its legends.

Things to discover: Ahu Tongariki, Rano Raraku,Te Pito Kura, Anakena, Tahai.

This is the ideal sequence for an interesting and personalised tour, trying to avoid the large buses from other agencies and  achieve a unique and optimal experience for our travellers.

Prices (not incl. vehicle):

  • 1 pax – USD 200
  • 2 pax – USD 250
  • 3 pax – USD 300
  • 7 pax – USD 350

Note:  Park entrance fee is not included

Tangata Manu – The Bird Man

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Visit the ceremonial village of Orongo and learn about the birdman cult and the annual competition of Tangata Manu! This tour goes through beautiful interior roads of the island. You will visit archaeological sites of important cultural value as the incredible crater of the Rano Kau volcano and the ceremonial village of Orongo on top. Places to discover: Vinapu, Rano Kau, Orongo, Ana Kai Tangata.

Prices (not incl. vehicle):

  • 1 pax – USD 200
  • 2 pax – USD 250
  • 3 pax – USD 300
  • 4 pax – USD 350

Note: Park entrance fee is not included

Essential Tour

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Visit the most famous sites of cultural heritage in one day. A great option to learn about the history and culture of Rapa Nui especially if you are spending only a short time on the island. This tour can also be divided into 2 days.

Places to discover: Rano Raraku, Tongariki, Ahu Nau Nau, Anakena, Rano Kau, Orongo and Tahai.

Prices (not incl. vehicle):

  • 1 pax – USD 200
  • 2 pax – USD 250
  • 3 pax – USD 300
  • 4 pax – USD 350Note: Park entrance fee is not included

Caves in the Roiho zone

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This tour is designed to discover the amazing underground world of Rapa Nui. The tour begins with an introduction of the island and its geology in the youngest volcanic cone of this area called Maunga Hiva Hiva. The level of the tour is medium difficulty because of the conditions of the hiking trail.

Things to discover: Ahu Akivi and lava tubes, Ana Te Pahu, Ana Kakenga

Prices (not incl. vehicle)
1 person USD 200
2 persons USD 250
3 persons USD 300
4 persons USD 350

Note: Entrance fee to the park is not included

Sports and Other Activities

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We can also organize for you dozens of other fascinating activities, such as horse riding, diving, fishing, sailing around the island, kayaking, and many others, just ask our staff!!!

Lemu Lodge Wellness

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We offer several wellness services and holistic therapies that will help you to achieve a deep state of relaxation and wellbeing, physically and mentally. Mind and body in synchronicity, ready to enjoy and receive all the wonders of the island!

In Lemu Lodge Vaihu you’re welcome to enjoy the following services:

  • A relaxing full-body massage (ancestral Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi)
  • Private yoga and/or meditation class tailored to your level of experience and interest (w/ certified professional teacher)
  • An energy treatment, Reiki

Our professional wellness therapists work physical and energy fields, unlocking and detoxing in all levels, leaving a wonderful sensation of harmony and physical and emotional wellbeing.