Social Responsability

In our effort to connect with the socio-cultural environment where our lodges operate and support local communities, we are constantly searching for ways of cooperation, so as to give something back to the land that so generously welcomed us.

Our team consists of both local experts as well as international professionals. Our operations support the local economy – all our purchases are made in collaboration with local companies.

We count with a project to support the plantation of native trees, and our staff participates in the reforestation program of the island. We also seek for partnership with local artisans through which we want to help them market their art and products through Lemu Lodge Vaihu. It also works as a way to help our guests to shop local souvenirs 100% made in Rapa Nui, always with the intention to improve their experience. Many times we will have samples of these handicrafts in our Club House. Ask our staff about where to go!

Another program is the training of Rapa Nui tourist guides.  It is common that young local students join our expert guides on excursions as a way of introducing them into a high level tourist guiding.

Also we are searching for means to support the restoration of archeological sites of great value to the inhabitants of Rapa Nui.